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50 Sci Fi Decal Pack (Decal Machine 2.1 Ready)

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50 Sci Fi Decal Pack (Decal Machine 2.1 Ready)

0 ratings

This pack contains 50 (+1) high quality decals that you can use on any of your 3d Models to add free detail in matter of seconds without adding any geometry.


- All the decals were made using real geometry.

- Baked with the highest settings (1024px - 4xAA).

- The parallax was adjusted previously to prevent any shading issues.


- 51 Decals in total.

- All the decals are Subset wich means that you get more variety while changing the materials/colors.

- 19 Of them were baked with emission.

How to use them

- First you will need to download the .zip and extract the folder called "50_Sci_Fi_Decal_Pack" into the Decal Machine master folder (C:/user/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/Blenderversion/Decal Machine/assets/Decals).

- Open Blender and press the "D" key to open the Decal Machine menu.

- Select the "50 Sci Fi Decal Pack" folder.

- Choose any decal you want to apply.

- You can adjust the Parallax effect as you want to get a different height value.

- Also the Emission can be adjusted, if you don't want any emission just turn the value to zero.

Commercial use of the Decals is permitted but nothing can be included in a asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products.

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51 high quality Decals ready to use with Decal Machine 2.1 in Blender 2.8x/2.9x

47.1 MB
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